Day 1 Medical Clinic

Friday: Our day began with sleeping in until 7:00 am! After our quiet time with God, we had french toast for breakfast. Then it was off to sort meds. For about 3 hours, we opened bottles of pills, put them into bags and labeled them and made and packed sandwiches for dinner. We then had our circle time of precious singing and discussing John 21: 15 – 17…. awesome stuff! Next we had a quick lunch of beef stew and rice and quickly got ready to go. It took about 2.5 hours to get to our village. On the ride there, it was FULL of God’s beauty. The mountains and hills we viewed from our very curvy roads (without a shoulder or guard rail) were breath-taking! When we finally reached the village, the Mayan people seemed a bit distant at first. We immediately began to play soccer and frisbee with the kids, paint the nails of the women and children, and color pages on the ground – all to break the ice while they were setting up for the med clinic. We had prayed intensely that the Holy Spirit would help us love these people and form relationships with them, and it worked! Their smiles soon overtook their faces as they began to trust us. As I painted the nails of some older women, they were full of giggles and couldn’t stop laughing! During the med clinic, we formed a circle and did a ton of songs with actions – like the hokey pokey – with the kids. We had a ball! They saw about 250 men, women and children in the med clinic. After the med clinic, we began the evagelistic part of the evening. The villagers watched a 1.5 hour “Jesus” film. They all seemed to be watching it pretty intensely, especially all the teenagers standing toward the front. Once the film was over, our team of 30 crammed onto a pretty small stage and sang 3 songs with passion: Revelation, These Are the Days of Elijah (with motions, of course) and In Christ alone. It was very powerful and filled with God’s Sprit. Four members of our team were then asked to share their testimonies, which were translated to the villagers. Some of them had never shared their testimony before, and we were blessed to hear them. We then exited the stage and the missionaries took over: Hermano Jesus and our Mayan interpretor. Even though I don’t speak fluent Spanish, you could tell that their words were filled with the power and passion of God’s Spirit. We prayed intensely for the group to have ears that would hear and be open to the message! About 50 people gave their hearts to Christ that night!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing to see the families come forward and many others say the prayer of salvation while standing in the group. There were tears on many faces, as they released their burdens and asked God into their hearts. It was amazing, but not a surprise, because God has answered EVERY prayer since we have been here! We distributed all the Bibles to the many hands that were anxiously wanting one. The families in that village are beautiful, and I am confident that God’s seed with grow and spread! We had a pretty scary drive home, because the clouds allowed us to only see 20-50 feet in front of us on those very curvy roads without guard rails. Our prayers for safe travels were answered, and we made it home safely at 11:15 pm. Everyone was exhausted, but filled with amazement at this awesome display of God’s glory and love. We miss our friends and family, and we can’t wait to share our experiences with those we love back home. Until then, we pray to “Go Light the World” as the song says while at the med clinic today. We appreciate and feel your prayers, so THANK YOU!

Written by Jeannie Dauber

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Dedication Day!!

Wow!   We just got back from an amazing day.     First of all there is no way to describe the day and if there was it would take days.    The day started with us finishing the sanding of the dry wall and painting the inside of our houses.   The painting was much more fun than the sanding.   Then each team personalized their house with trees and flowers etc… and personalized bible verses.   All of the homes looked great.   The familys were very grateful.    All the while we were surrounded by the children of the village.    They loved to be around us especially the younger ones.    They would just come up and put an arm around us or grab a hand to hold or even help with our work.   To see our young adults hugging, holding hands and playing games with all of the children was a huge blessing.   You all have amazing children and friends.     By the way the prayers for weather have been answered we had another perfect day to do our work.    Thank you for all of those prayers.    We  had a wonderful chicken soup lunch that was purchased and made by the people of the village.   One chicken costs them 3 days wages what an honor it was to have such a good lunch.    The dedications started after lunch and that part can only be experienced but words will never capture what happened today.      We serve an awesome God.   There was heavy duty prayer and worship as Dan and Hermano Jesus witnessed to and taught the familys that recieved the houses.   The Holy spirit moved in a powerful way.    All five familys and all of the members of those families accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior.    Wow!!!      We then celebrated with a large Mickey Mouse pinata.   After that it was   time to go.    It was hard to leave all of our new friends.     You will eventually see some pictures there was much hand holding and hugging and shoulder riding and piggy back riding.   We will all miss our new friends but what pure  joy to have made them and to have new brothers and sister in our heavenly family.

Love,     The Guatemala team.    Adios.    Hasta manana.

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Day 2 Building

Once again we woke up bright and early to head over to the village of La Reina.  We gathered together as 1 large group to add a covering of stucco to the houses.  There was a lot of stucco that didn’t quite get to the wall (and a bit on the shirts and in the hair of people) but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Once that was done we set up the patio and played with the children.  It was neat to see all of the kids helping bring the stucco to the team members working and they were always smiling from ear to ear.  A lot of laughing and running around occurred throughout the day.  A soccer game ensued after lunch with many kids playing and goofing around.  Once it was time to leave we headed out after a very messy, sweaty, and fun day.  In devotions as a group at night we share “God sightings” which is a very powerful time of reflection on how we saw God throughout the day.  Some of them were simply playing with the kids and being ourselves as well as seeing the awesome volcano, Fuego, in the morning.  It will be very difficult to say goodbye tomorrow because of all of the relationships we built with all the kids.  Please pray especially hard for dedication tomorrow. Thank you again for all of the prayers and support! 🙂

A.J., Cody, Ben

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First Building Day

Hello All!

Last night upon arrival we sorted through all of our luggage and ate dinner. Following that we had time of worship and devotions and then headed to bed. We woke up this morning to a beautiful morning, we got up between 5-5:30 (7-7:30 EST). Many members of the team had personal devotions out on the patio. We left for La Riena for our first day of building at 6:30am. When we arrived, we were greeted by the laughter of many children and shared a guatemala-style as a team. After that, we spilt into building groups and got to work. As we started at our job sites, we were blessed with company and much help from the kids of the village. They helped with drilling, mudding, cleaning, and just being a friend. As a team, we were all reminded of God’s glory through the energy and laughter the kids brought to us. All 5 of our houses structure was built with no problems or injuries. We got the chance to spend some time in our building teams but then towards the end all working together. We also got the chance to play with the kids who loved the attention and getting their pictures taken. The weather remained cloudy the whole time so it was’nt as warm, which was nice. 🙂 It did however rain for about 15 minutes as we were wrapping up. It was difficult to leave at the end, but we are all looking forward to tomorrow making more friends and putting on stucco. Thank you all so much for prayers. Please continue to pray for good weather as it is crucial tomorrow putting stucco on the homes. God Bless!

Ellen, Kelsey, Jenna, Anna, Kayla, & Hannah 🙂

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The trip was great!  All of the flights went smoothly and were on time.  Everyone got through customs with no bags being checked.  After a great dinner of noodle soup, we sorted through all the things we brought.  What a lot of neat items we get to bring to the villages in the next few days.  We will be going to bed early as people are tired from traveling.  Tomorrow we will be up at 5:30, ready to leave at 6:30 to build.  Keep praying!

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Watch here for updates and pictures from Team Hager Park July 18-25, 2011.

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